Retirement planning and saving money made
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Re-imagine retirement saving

Protected Investment
Invest confidently with an additional layer of financial security at retirement - the Vantik security buffer
Full Flexibility
Pay in when and how much you like - one-off or monthly. Pause your monthly savings or withdraw anytime. Whatever fits your life.
Super Easy
We take care of everything for you. You just watch your savings grow. And if you have any questions, we are always there to help

How does it work?


Download the app and start registration


Verify your identity with your passport and create an account

Start Saving

Start with a one-time payment of 1€ or set up a monthly contribution

"Financial retirement planning can be set up digitally, without a lot of effort"

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What makes Vantik secure?

Investment Strategy

The Vantik fund is invested in a diversified portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities. The target is to achieve a long-term profit of 3.5% after all cost - with sustainable investments. You can benefit from our investment strategy with your savings starting from 1€.

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Security Buffer

Similar to a savings book, Vantik is for saving money - not for stock-speculation. That’s why we additionally protect your savings with the security buffer. Even though it’s not a guarantee, it significantly reduces the risk of losing money when you retire.

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What makes Vantik special?

Retirement savings made simple and easy. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help
No greedy brokers - we are independent and only distribute our Vantik fund
Be part of the Vantik community and together we can further advance your retirement savings
Your savings at retirement are protected with the Vantik security buffer
We invest in a diversified portfolio consisting of stocks, bond, real estate and commodities
You always maintain control of your savings - no one but you can access it at any time
You can pay in or out anytime and anywhere you like with the Vantik mobile app
No fixed contract term - you can withdraw your money free of charge if you need it for something else
No rigid savings plan - save the amount you want at the time you like. You are always in control

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Disclaimer: Your Vantik account is an investment. When you put money in your Vantik account your balance can decrease as well as increase. We created the security buffer to add another layer of security and decrease the risk of losing money. However, you need to be aware that you could also make a loss.