Update Vantik 01|2019

January 5, 2019

Update Vantik 01|2019

Dear friends of Vantik 💛,

Finance is based on trust. Trust is based on transparency 👀. Therefore, we want to keep you updated about what’s been happening at Vantik. In our first update of the year, we’ll be looking back on the past year and include a quick look at what we’re planning for 2019.

Core functions of Vantik

In 2018, the main focus was on the development and optimization of Vantik's core functions. This centred on the setting, adjusting, scheduling and pausing your savings rate, as well as one-time payments and withdrawals. Based on your feedback, we also improved the account opening process. To make Vantik even more secure, we introduced a so-called “two-factor authentication”, where some actions have to be confirmed via an SMS PIN. This ensures that no unauthorized person gets access to your account.

Over 10.000 on the waiting list

Our waiting list was opened last summer. Already more than 10,000 🎉 of you signed up to join Vantik! Wow 😎. We are immensely proud! Seems we’re on the right track! Since then we’ve invited some of you to become our very first clients.

Building Vantik – together

We build Vantik not only for you but with you. For this, we conducted hundreds of interviews, organised numerous events and led countless discussions. We received a lot of feedback and ideas from our Facebook community and many of the early users also gave us very detailed feedback. Thank you so much for this 🙏.

A bumpy start for the Vantik fund 🤷

In March 2018, we took over the Vantik fund and completely reoriented the investment strategy. The BaFin, the German Financial Supervisory Authority, then approved the renaming and the new investment strategy in September 👍.

In the second half of the year, Trump and Brexit had a negative effect on stock markets. This negative stock market trend has also left its mark on the Vantik fund. Many of our first users, who have been contributing to the fund since the summer, have therefore suffered a loss 😔. That's not a great feeling, although it’s only on paper.

The Vantik fund is not designed to make short-term money in the fast ups and downs of the stock markets. We want to generate a stable return long-term. The chart below shows quite well that the Vantik fund has significantly lower ups and downs than the global stock market (represented here by the MSCI World Index).

Vantik Fonds Performance März 2018 - Januar 2019 | Quelle: Onvista

Security buffer started

A very important element of Vantik is the security buffer🔒, which minimizes the risk of being affected by such a negative stock market performance at the very start of retirement. The contribution to the safety buffer will be deducted starting in January 2019. As a small compensation for the fund performance and as a thank you for the patience and the feedback from our first customers, we will pay the contribution to the safety buffer for all deposits made so far.

Official market launch in Q1 2019 🚀

Previously, Vantik was invitation only. This will change soon and Vantik will be directly accessible to all. Of course, the official market launch 🚀 will be a very important milestone for us.

But that's just the first step. In 2019, you can expect so many exciting new features 🎁. We will, finally, launch an app for iOS and Android. Gift vouchers, a flexible savings rate and savings for children and grandchildren are also on our To Do list.

Best Team in the World 💃🕺

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my co-founder Lara and the entire Vantik team Sabino, Erik, Sarah, Kerim, Laura, Leandra, Lukas, Malte, Marcel and Marius, who is making all of this possible.

Warm regards


Til Klein
#UnfuckAltersvorsorge that's what describes Til best. If he is not making new plans, trying to achieve world domination or talking to investors, he is having a lot of fun with his dog Speedy in the Swiss Alps.

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